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Home Inspection Services Las Vegas

Home Inspections in Las Vegas

Our Certified Master Home Inspectors go through more than 2000 inspection points when inspecting your home. This ensures you have a complete picture of the house you’re about to sell or buy. Inspection protection ensures we take care of you even if you’re not able to close the deal after our inspection. If you choose us to inspect the next house you find we will offer up to a $35 discount on our services.

Home Inspection Las Vegas
New Construction Building

New Construction

The Phase 1 inspection is performed prior to backfilling soil after concrete forms are removed and before the slab is poured on. With this, the inspectors are able to see the sewer and drain lines. Our licensed engineers cover the following areas: footings, foundation walls, surface preparation, vapor barriers, concrete reinforcing bars. For this inspection to take place, you have to inform us before the slab is poured.

Phase 2 takes place before the builder installation of insulation and drywall. In this, our experts look at the plumbing, electrical wiring, duct installations as well as roof structure and surface. We look for problems like: inadequate roof supports, improper notching and boring, severed plates, damaged joists, improper fires stop, etc.

This phase is a final inspection before you go and walk-through with your builder. This is similar to an extensive home inspection. It also comes with a detailed report regarding the final inspection and includes the inspection of the following areas drywall finish, trim, paintwork, floor coverings, grounds and grading. This final report serves as a thump list for the builder to correct the problems relating to the building before closing.

Commercial Inspections

Vegas Inspect is your best choice for commercial inspections of your property. If you’re in the market to buy or lease a building, be diligent and have our commercial building inspectors complete a property assessment. With commercial inspection, you’ll have the tools required for making an informed decision. Our assessment will help keep your business in the lead.

We want to make sure you don’t face any surprises when buying or selling your property. Most property buyers and sellers hide structural defects. We help you legitimize the decision about your tenant’s deposit. Trust Vegas Inspect when it comes to making your commercial inspection decisions.

Your tenants and employees are a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Healthy tenants and employees bring in more and better business. To ensure everyone’s kept in good health and the building’s condition is always at its prime, get hold of quality commercial inspections to maximize your chances of profitable partnerships.

Additional Services

01. Thermography

We use high-tech infrared thermal imaging technology to assess your home. With different colored gradients, thermal imaging helps us by providing information on heat levels around your home. Our certified home inspectors use this information to analyze and interpret the data, which gives an insight into problems like:

  • Malfunctioning or damaged cooling and heating systems
  • Issues with the insulation in your home
  • Plumbing issues and hidden leaks
  • Overloaded or damaged electrical components
  • Pests, such as mice and rats, living in your home

02. Sewer Inspections

Sewage and drainage systems can get clogged from tree roots, line breaks, and even oils and food particles, etc. We can use a sewer camera to do an in-depth inspection of the property’s sewer and drainage system. Any clogs and blockages caught at this stage can save you money on repairs later.

03. Mold Inspections

Mold is a simple microscopic organism that is found everywhere in the environment. There are over 80,000 types of mold, out of which approximately 200 have been identified. It’s definite that mold is a sneaky monster that is harmful to your home and your family. Our home inspectors take care of everything from sampling to detailed visual inspection and identify all problem areas. Our personalized reporting method allows them to share the report with you in a thorough way. This ensures you have clear visibility on the mold situation in your house and you can make a decision based on that information.

04. Pool Inspection

A house with a pool can end up being a great investment, but it can also end up being a headache if the pool has issues like mold or cracks. Our team is equipped to root these problems out and make sure that your investment is sound. The inspection takes no less than an hour but can go up depending on the size of the pool. We provide a detailed report that includes a summary of our findings along with some general maintenance tip

05. Well Testing

Having clean water for use is one of the biggest priorities for any homeowner. Our well testing services ensure that your water resources and the plumbing are free from toxins and equipped to deal with the water flow. This ensures a cleaner and constant water flow.

06. Radon Testing

Radon gas can accumulate in tightly insulated houses. Being a radioactive gas, it can cause health hazards as serious as lung cancer in residents. Our home inspectors take the necessary precautions and inspect all corners of the property and present a detailed report on the radon levels in the house.

07. Termite Inspection

Termites can slowly eat away at the foundation of your house; they can destroy furniture, carpeting, and much more. If you suspect a termite problem, we suggest you take care of it right away! We make sure the inspection is done such that there’s no chance of wood-destroying elements in your home. The findings are reported on a special wood destroying insect form separate from the report. We inspect for carpenter ants, termites, and any other infestation.

08. Repair Verification

Once your home inspection or commercial inspection is done, you’ll be caught up in the repairs. The repair verification inspection is a step further than normal inspection, it’s a follow-up. We re-inspect the property to check whether the repairs were properly done or any other issue pertains. We use infrared cameras to re-inspect the components that might be left out. Reports are delivered within 24 hours of the inspection.

09. Roof Inspection

Get our roof damage inspection to identify any damages to the roof. Keep roof inspection should a part of your maintenance plan to prevent any leaks and detect any issues. Our specialists detect signs of moisture penetration, damage from windstorm,s or other relevant problems. Schedule a roof inspection before your property is affected. You don’t want to wait until the ceiling starts leaking!